Preparing Homes for Sale in Penticton this fall

The fall is now here in Penticton, which means if you’re looking to sell Penticton BC real estate, you’ve got some work to do! Here are a few tips on what you’ll need to do to get your home ready.

Yard Cleanup
Everyone loves fall for the change in atmosphere and the beautiful colors on the leaves, but unfortunately to potential buyers, this will just make your yard look messy. You will need to make sure you stay on top of the fallen leaves and make sure they are raked and properly stored away. Also trim those trees or bushes near windows, so that the view from the windows is not blocked.

Make those windows sparkle
The dry summer mixed with wind can create a lot of dirt and dust on your windows. Buyers will notice this when looking out the windows, and you want their experience to be as good as it can be. So make sure you clean those windows so well that they won’t even be able to notice the glass there.

Chimney Sweeping
Chimneys can accumulate a lot of dust from not being used through the summer. You will want to make sure you clean the chimney thoroughly before use in the fall. It may be wise to hire a professional.

Set the Mood
As per our last point, setting the mood for a cold autumn day can really help to keep the viewer happy while viewing your home, and make them want to stick around longer. Light up the fire place, as well as some nice scented candles with a nice autumn smell.

Need more fall real estate advice?

These are just a few tips for preparing homes for sale Penticton this fall. For more information contact Team Thompson today!


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