Main South/Main North

The Main Street South and North neighborhoods of Penticton are easy to locate as they literally run the south and north lengths of Main Street. Towards the South end of Main Street you will find the sought after homes close to Skaha lake. Not to worry if you prefer the North end of Main however, as you will still be close to Penticton's other lake - Lake Okanagan. Listings in Main South/Main North [evlisting subarea="PE Main North|PE Main South" show="paging" status_to_display="active" orderby="date-DESC"...


In the hills high above Skaha Lake you'll find the prestigious Penticton neighbourhoods of Wiltse and Valleyview. These neighbourhoods will be where you want to focus your search if you are looking for an expansive city and lake view where the city stretches out in all directions around you. Nestled above one of Penticton's most sought after summer past times, Skaha Lake, these neighbourhoods are not far from shopping and dining accessed via South Main street.  You'll find plenty of home styles...